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Project Description
Monitors RE SQL Client connections.

Automatically boots users after license usage reaches a customizable level and a user has been idle for a customizable period.

Now works with Raiser's Edge version 7.91 Update: Does not work with Raiser's Edge version 7.91

7.91 functional demo and source code are available 7.91 support is being researched

Check out the DeveloperConsoler project for an example.
  • DeveloperConsoler - mainly used for service testing, has some example code
  • RECMLibrary - core source code here
    • Monitor.cs - Connection Monitor Code
      • REConnectionMonitor - partial class
        • Virtual member "FreeConnections" can be overridden to implement your own connection freeing logic
        • Contains public monitoring events
    • TimedServiceMonitor.cs - Example of inheriting from the REConnectionMonitor class to create a class suitable for use in a Windows Service
      • Handles base events for logging
      • Emails RE Users on disconnect
      • Emails administrators diagnostic log on disconnect
  • RECMService - example implementation of RECM as a windows service
    • Utilizes TimedREConnectionMonitor

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